Going Forward with Chartan?

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The fast fiction serial, The Adventures of Chartan, has reached a crossroads. I’ve been writing the story of a male ego in crisis for nearly two years. I dream up each weekly episode a day before I post it. There is no outline in mind, only an emphasis on keeping the weekly entry short. But “Chartan” has become the gorilla in the room. “Chartan” is now a fast fiction saga, a contradiction of purpose: short has become long. The first two chapters are over 20,000 words with a growing cast of characters other than a 30-ish wannabe guru/limo driver. There’s the aging combat vet, Skyler Brazil; Gina, an ex-con who marries Chartan and the mysterious, angry Elisa who Chartan can’t figure out.

For me it’s time to look back at was has happened so I can go forward. Should I go forward? For anyone who has missed the ride, here are the first two chapters which I call “Phase 1.”

The Adventures of Chartan, Phase 1


4 Replies to “Going Forward with Chartan?”

  1. I’m only now catching up, but I get the sense you’re about to hang up the Chartran Saga. This comes as no surprise because for a long time I’ve wondered how you could sustain it, the Twivelist productions, and your practically daily terrific photographs, just to name a few. I’ll keep my eye out. Good luck!


    1. Thanks for being a loyal follower and for your insightful comments. Chartan will continue for now after entering
      a novel-like phase that defeats the original purpose of the “adventure,” quick fiction. with simple connections
      to the next post. And I have finished an 88,000-word novel that needs finishing touches. More on that later.


      1. David: I would appreciate your perspectives.. “Acceptance” is an 86,000-word, contemporary novel about three people accepting their fate in life. The characters are a retired political reporter battling anger and his free spirited daughter who falls in love with a priest, unsure of the church but not his desire to help others. There’s humor, sex, political corruption, perspectives on God, and crime with lots of side characters thrown in. The story takes place in Northern California over a ten-month period.

        It is done and has been read by four others who know me so I didn’t get any negative feedback.

        I am proofing it for the last time. I guess I’ll try to get an agent, but I know that will be very difficult.

        What is the best email to reach you if you’d like to know more?



        On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 3:43 PM, 67steffen wrote:



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