The Adventures of Chartan: Therapy

(Last Sunday: Chartan walks out of Minerva’s mansion for the second time in one evening. He returns believing the three women—Minerva, Elisa and the unnamed artist– are laughing at him.) Chartan wasn’t a wizard with supernatural powers. His only weapon was intelligence. He fell forward into the prone position, head down and waited for theContinue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: Therapy”

The Adventures of Chartan: More Temptation

(Last Sunday: Chartan resists temptations of money and sex and, instead, runs away from Minerva and Elisa.) Chartan hadn’t finished dinner, said goodbye, or looked into Minerva’s eyes when he brushed by her in the hallway. She had been cold to the touch when he grazed her bare arm. He did not believe in the devil incarnate,Continue reading “The Adventures of Chartan: More Temptation”

Fast Fiction: The Adventures of Chartan: Coffee Bean Fame

(If you are new to Chartan, please read last Sunday’s installment: Java and a Gun.) Traffic was light and that made Chartan grip the steering wheel tighter. Any joy over the lack of cars is a sign that I am thinking as a chauffeur not as a master of the mind. “Chartan?” Her voice caressed hisContinue reading “Fast Fiction: The Adventures of Chartan: Coffee Bean Fame”

Chartan: Evil Returns

  The ongoing struggle of a guru turned limo driver. Last week: Chartan drives home after visiting Brazil who is recovering from surgery. Rather than run to the apartment, Chartan held the steering  wheel at 10 and 2 as he did when he was driving a fare. Straight ahead about 15-feet away was the firstContinue reading “Chartan: Evil Returns”

Chartan Finds His Priorities

–The ongoing saga of a guru turned limo driver. Last week: Chartan visits cancer-stricken Brazil who warns him to pay attention to those he loves before it is too late. Gina and Jake were positioned in the kitchen as Chartan imagined they would be. It was as if he were a browser in a museumContinue reading “Chartan Finds His Priorities”

Chartan and the Panic Attack

                The ongoing saga of a guru turned limo driver. (Last week: Chartan rejects the temptress Elisa.) Chartan sat behind the wheel of the limo practicing “happy” facial expressions. He expected Brazil to reflect the look of someone suffering the ravages of cancer—he wanted to be uplifting, not morose.             He pushed the doorbell.            Continue reading “Chartan and the Panic Attack”

Chartan: The End Game

            (Last week: Chartan learns from Gina that Brazil has cancer before he prepares to drive his fare, including Elisa, back to Sacramento.) The drive home from Berkeley was uneventful until Chartan pulled to a stop in front of the office building where he had picked the three women up six hours earlier.             “Driver, I’m notContinue reading “Chartan: The End Game”

Chartan Regains His Focus

Chartan is a guru turned limo driver in search of the meaning of life.   (Last week: Chartan refuses to be unnerved by Elisa.) Chartan checked the rear view mirror. Even though he was parked a mile from the restaurant, he was on edge about seeing Elisa. He pulled out the limo cell phone. “Chartan,Continue reading “Chartan Regains His Focus”