Chartan Fears Elisa, Again

(Last Sunday Chartan realizes one of the three women he is driving to Berkeley is Elisa, the one woman he fears.) Chartan reached the Berkeley restaurant without further contact from his passengers. When he opened the door, the first woman slid out without making eye contact. The second woman smiled briefly at him as sheContinue reading “Chartan Fears Elisa, Again”

Chartan Battles Elisa

(The Adventures of Chartan , a serial saga about the male ego, appears every Sunday. Last week: Chartan encounters Elisa again—this time she is one of three women he is driving to Berkeley.) After Chartan reached the freeway, he turned on the passenger video monitor. Elisa was facing the front of the vehicle with the twoContinue reading “Chartan Battles Elisa”

Chartan’s Fare

(Last week: Chartan reflects on his loss of freedom as he increases his work hours to provide for his family.)            Chartan’s two days off were spent doing family things: food shopping, trip to the beach and watching movie videos. He didn’t have time to think about the future until he was a mile from Sloan’sContinue reading “Chartan’s Fare”

Chartan Tries to Forget

(Last week: Rookie detective Grimes takes credit for Brazil’s theory on the missing fourth passenger, but Chartan grows weary of the mystery,  concerned he is trapped in his job as a limo driver.)  Chartan drove slowly, splitting his attention between what was ahead and the back seat. There were no passengers, but he couldn’t shakeContinue reading “Chartan Tries to Forget”