What Rain Will Do…

SB trip51

The five-year drought appears to be over in California. The rolling hills that have been going brown in past years are now alive with lush green colors. This shot was taken from the roadside of Highway 46 which connects the Pacific Coast Highway with inland US 101. This area is full of wineries and picturesque landscapes.

Reflections on Reflections

I view my photos with an extra lens: the circumstances behind the shot:  I was drinking coffee on the sofa when I spotted two birds outside in a bird bath. I shot through a window, unaware of the reflection in the water. The pond photo was taken a few years ago when I visited favorite places from my childhood. While there are reflections of trees and clouds in the water, the overall tone was muted, like a dream–it wasn’t as nice as I remember. Finally, my favorite beach area is a at the bottom of a cliff at Carmel Point. Instead of taking a selfie, I shot my shadow on the boulders–this seemed more appropriate to the mood I was trying to capture.