If There’s a Blimp–There Must Be Golf

Forgot the final round of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament was yesterday until the Goodyear Blimp flew overhead. Click. Later I retreated to watch the last few holes on TV. The tournament was played without amateurs and fans on an overcast day. When Daniel Berger sank a long putt for an eagle threeContinue reading “If There’s a Blimp–There Must Be Golf”

Molly’s Glamour Shots

Molly is our lead rescue dog. She mentors dogs we foster while dutifully carrying out other “services” such as security (she barks at anything that moves outside the house when she is inside); alerting us to mail and package deliveries; critter patrol and much more. This border collie mix has been our best friend forContinue reading “Molly’s Glamour Shots”

Tough Lighting in an Old Growth Forest

I am fortunate to live about six miles from an old growth redwood forest hidden from any view from Highway One near Big Sur. You have to hike in about a mile over seven streams before you reach these towering giants that filter out sunlight except for areas where trees have fallen. Someday soon I’mContinue reading “Tough Lighting in an Old Growth Forest”