Poetry: The Shattered Old Man

The shattered old man has had it with wildfires, Covid and the Afghanistan follies. When first light pierces his eyes, he cocks his gun and squeezes the tigger From the cheap seats where he’s been watching a prima ballerina land en pointe. There’s applause but he can’t tell if it’s in front or behind theContinue reading “Poetry: The Shattered Old Man”

Poetry: The Deep Wound with backstory

The Deep Wound I’m going to a cabin Somewhere To write Haiku And drink coffee While removing the bullets From too many years of Losing myself In the unimportant. It will take years To heal the deep wound Of missing the first snowfall On the lone cedar.    — The Backstory I grew up inContinue reading “Poetry: The Deep Wound with backstory”

The Answers

Answers forged from countless errors in judgment, temperament and desires Arrive late in life, almost cruelly in how their perfected wisdom  Obliterates mistakes that caused anguish in years past. True answers, impossible to foretell, require forgiveness and acceptance So the fanfare of everyday life becomes an unexpected gift from a stranger, The simplicity of theContinue reading “The Answers”