What the West Coast Needs…A Downpour

Yesterday there was a 15% chance for rain in the Sierras in mid-afternoon. You could walk between the raindrops without getting wet until 2:48 p.m.–that’s when the downpour began. I looked out the window as if oil had been struck. Buckets of rain for nearly 30 minutes. Okay, it’s not the end of the drought,Continue reading “What the West Coast Needs…A Downpour”

Disasters Everywhere

Two new wildfires broke out in Northern California this past weekend, prompting evacuations. Covid-19 continues to haunt everyday life. The list of 2020 natural disasters is growing and now includes trees falling. A giant Italian Stone Pine toppled over in a park near us while a neighboring home had a massive branch drop on itsContinue reading “Disasters Everywhere”