The California Brown Pelican

The California Brown Pelican was removed from the endangered list in January 2009. I took this photo six years ago to celebrate in my own way the triumphant recovery of this magnificent bird. Wanted to capture the wing span, close to 80-inches, that to me, gives the pelican an eagle-like look when it glides alongContinue reading “The California Brown Pelican”

Juvenile California Sea Gulls

What I know about the California sea gull comes from books and personal experience. They are bold and unafraid to swoop down on unattended French fires at an outdoor restaurant, even if people are seated by the food. The darker sea gulls, called juveniles, take around four years to take on the white and greyContinue reading “Juvenile California Sea Gulls”

Western Snowy Plovers at the Beach

The western snowy plover is a trusting small bird that likes a sandy beach for nesting, not always a good choice. At least in the Carmel area the plover picks the Carmel River State Beach which is much less used than its famous counterpart, Carmel-by-the-Sea beach. I saw quite a few snowy plovers this weekContinue reading “Western Snowy Plovers at the Beach”