I didn’t know until yesterday that April was Poetry Month. I don’t like designating months for this or that, still I wrote this poem last week, “5150,” which refers to a section of California law that allows police to take into custody a person acting weirdly.

My poetry is developed while I drive, usually on long stretches of freeway with nothing to look at. Some people sing in cars, I yell out stuff. I usually forget to write the rants down, but when I do, Bingo!


Out on the highway
A 5150 screams
Something about Jesus.

In a field a boy
Chases fast moving clouds
Pulling an army of shadows
Silently across hills,
Gently onto cars.
Imprisoned drivers
On cell phones,
Watch the boy,
Arms out like wings,
To a flashing red light,
Officer handcuffing,
5150 snarling
Boy fleeing
Arms down until there is nothing
But the distant bark of a dog
And the scent of a spent cornfield.

2 responses to “5150”

  1. Julie Hoffman Avatar
    Julie Hoffman

    “Wierdly” – a kind way of saying “a danger to him/herself or others”?


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