Baseball’s Slow Mistake…

DSC_0277 - CopyBaseball , America’s pastime, is falling prey to the demands of the high-tech age where close plays in the Major Leagues are subject to video review. “Kill the Ump” taunts have been soothed by unseen umps somewhere in New York City who comb over video feeds from ballparks around the nation. But the honeymoon is coming to an end. Yesterday, the game between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers was stopped for 4 minutes, 25 seconds while these video umps took their sweet time to rule that the play on the field stood as called by a live ump.

While play was stopped, the pitcher had to keep his arms loose for what amounted to about a half-inning of normal playing time. The wait was ridiculous.

Why should anyone care about this? As I see it baseball is about mistakes. When the pitcher makes one, the batter usually gets on base. When the fielder errs, runners advance or score. When the ump is blind, the fans get to roar and the manager vents so much he’s thrown out of the game. This is baseball.

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