Empty Bench…Remembering 9/11

Took this shot five years ago in September of an empty bench. Actually, it isn’t completely unoccupied–there is some propaganda put there for someone who might be suffering from…(fill in the blank). Horror happens daily in this country, this world. Unspeakable crimes lead to public vigils intended to make certain the horrors are not forgotten.Continue reading “Empty Bench…Remembering 9/11”

My Olympic Moment

Who won? Both sides were joyful, hugging and laughing to celebrate the end of the gold medal game in women’s basketball at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Japan, the host country, and the United States of America played a spirited game, although one that underscored a basketball axiom: you can’t teach size. The USA womenContinue reading “My Olympic Moment”

The Transition of Power

In the animal world instinct usually dictates the transition of power. In the photos one scrub jay has a seed, puts it in the mouth of a counterpart, then withdraws it. Seems unfair, or at least mean. (I think the power jay here is teaching the other about eating.)But take our presidential election where theContinue reading “The Transition of Power”