Social Distancing: When is it safe?

When I walk Ivan I have a mask around my neck, ready to be put in place if someone approaches. My only real fear comes from runners who are breathing heavily with their air bubbles filled with whatever following them. Yesterday, I was passed by three runners, including one pushing a baby carriage. Took thisContinue reading “Social Distancing: When is it safe?”

Empty Beach…

The pandemic has forced Carmel-by-the-Sea to limit the use of its world famous beach to those who “exercise,” meaning, sun bathing not allowed while masks are required if social distancing is not possible. Took this photo yesterday–those are my size 11’s–of a bare beach, at least from the camera’s perspective. I walked Ivan, the rescueContinue reading “Empty Beach…”

Monday Hope and Anger

The news is grim. Coronavirus upticks in parts of the country are triggering fear of a second wave of infections and deaths here and abroad. The cell phone video has proven to be a new, effective arm of justice, opening the eyes and hearts of those who have been blind to institutional biases against peopleContinue reading “Monday Hope and Anger”

Bikes Have a Place and so do Masks

Last evening two cyclists approached California’s capitol building in Sacramento in a bike lane. The second photo is what was in front of them and behind me. Downtown Sacramento has bike lanes all over, making it an easy city to maneuver on two wheels, save for the occasional idiot who flings a parked car doorContinue reading “Bikes Have a Place and so do Masks”