Exactly five months ago…

Exactly five months ago I was in the backyard “capturing” images of butterflies. Yesterday, I sat in disbelief watching pro-Trump rioters storm the U.S. Capitol Building on live television. In the end democracy survived despite the damage and four deaths. Joe Biden will be president on January 20 and Kamala Harris will be vice-president. And,Continue reading “Exactly five months ago…”

The Transition of Power

In the animal world instinct usually dictates the transition of power. In the photos one scrub jay has a seed, puts it in the mouth of a counterpart, then withdraws it. Seems unfair, or at least mean. (I think the power jay here is teaching the other about eating.)But take our presidential election where theContinue reading “The Transition of Power”

Social Distancing: When is it safe?

When I walk Ivan I have a mask around my neck, ready to be put in place if someone approaches. My only real fear comes from runners who are breathing heavily with their air bubbles filled with whatever following them. Yesterday, I was passed by three runners, including one pushing a baby carriage. Took thisContinue reading “Social Distancing: When is it safe?”