The Bite Seen ‘Round the World

DSC_0241The 2014 World Cup isn’t over but is certain to be remembered for a set of teeth marks. Today Uruguay’s Luis Suarez bit an Italian player during a key part of the match. Essentially, this is the “bite seen ‘round the world.” Six hours have passed since the conclusion of Uruguay’s 1-0 victory over Italy and I have seen Suarez gnawing on the Italian defender’s shoulder at least ten separate times on TV and on the internet–the bite is everywhere. National news will bilk this one.

Responsible media sources say Suarez “appears to bite” Giorgio Chiellini who, after play was stopped, tried to expose the teeth marks by pulling down his shirt at the neck. I was up by the high-def TV screen but could not see Suarez’ s impressions. I assume FIFA will produce enlargements to settle the case and a stiff penalty may be handed down against Suarez.

After the game Suarez did not help himself by downplaying the moment.

Some critics are saying the spirited player needs mental help and that they feel for his children. Suarez has been penalized in past years for biting opponents.

Other sports stars have jawed opponents, but none like Heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson who bit off a portion of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a 1997 title bout. Actually Tyson bit Evander’s ear twice during the bout—the first time he was penalized two points, but after the second nosh, the fight was stopped.

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