The Transition of Power

In the animal world instinct usually dictates the transition of power. In the photos one scrub jay has a seed, puts it in the mouth of a counterpart, then withdraws it. Seems unfair, or at least mean. (I think the power jay here is teaching the other about eating.)But take our presidential election where theContinue reading “The Transition of Power”

Black Oystercatchers Sound the Global Warming Alert

Dozens of organizations on the West Coast of North America are tracking the plight of the black oystercatcher, a bird that confines its life to the rocky shores along ocean waters. Rising sea waters, a product of global warming, and human disturbances are destroying this bird’s habitat and, in doing so, we are getting todayContinue reading “Black Oystercatchers Sound the Global Warming Alert”

Alleyways and Bike Lanes

Sacramento has long had alleyways cutting behind buildings in the downtown area. The city planners added bike lanes on one-way “Q” and “P” streets last year. These aren’t the typical narrow lanes painted on the side of a street, rather the biker rider is protected by the sidewalk on one side and parked cars onContinue reading “Alleyways and Bike Lanes”

Beach Cleared for Hurt Seal

I was walking the dogs yesterday at Carmel-by-the-Sea beach when a police officer began waving at me. Turns out an injured harbor seal was making its way towards downtown Carmel. The beach was cleared to protect the seal from further stress. Marine mammal rescue was on its way. I took this cell phone photo fromContinue reading “Beach Cleared for Hurt Seal”