Halloween Too Much…

halloweenLast night while walking the dogs it wasn’t hard to see who is ripping roaring prepared for Halloween. “Hey, where’s that mummified ear of corn?” Even if I find it, we’ll be no match for the overkill of ghosts and ghouls in the neighborhood.

This year I have a problem with life-like figures (not ghosts)hanging from nooses. We didn’t take photos of the ones we saw. The lynching images conjure up a dark moment in our history.   Okay, maybe they are supposed to be zombies. Even so, I don’t like human figures hanging from trees—hanging ghosts are fine.

What I really have a problem with is those 6-foot trick or treaters –not in costume–who bang on the door after 9 p.m.

But, my complaints aside, our dogs have a barking field day with those brave enough to ring the doorbell. “Where are my ear plugs?”

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