Follow me. Stay within the boundaries. Wander. A path speaks to us. Of course, some people might not hear it all. For me, I enjoy the invitation. Above are some paths I met this week.

Some background: The Continental Army–the guys who fought the British during the American Revolutionary War–camped at Jockey Hollow, near Morristown, New Jersey, 1779-80. Upwards of 10,000 men stayed in log huts in the area, part of General Washington’s effort to rebuild troop strength. The Wick family owned a house and much of the property at Jockey Hollow, now a federal park. The Wicks allowed the Continental Army to use part of their house and land. I grew up near here and often drove on a road that ran past the Wick House, but now the road is covered over and visitors  take a path to go by the house.

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