Friday Fast Fiction: Abooza

DSC_0261James  scrolled the mouse to the large “play” icon on his computer screen. A woman came up behind him.

“You’re going to like this,” he said, tapping the icon.

The bluish screen gave way to a park-like setting where a gray-haired man was pushing a gray-haired woman in a swing.

An unseen narrator with a deep male voice said, “Afraid to go out? Afraid to answer the phone, or open your email? If there is a knock at the front door, do you run to the back of the house? If so, then ask your doctor if Abooza is right for you?

” This fast-acting medication helps you sleep like a baby and even act like one.”

(Camera closes in on the elderly couple.)

Woman’s voice-over: “I’m outside and confident.”

Man’s voice-over: “It’s as if she were born yesterday.”

Narrator: “Abooza can lead to cardiac arrest which is often fatal. Take only as directed by your medical professional.

“And be confident. But don’t operate heavy equipment, including a bicycle. Long term use has been known to increase the likelihood of falling and loss of muscle control. Don’t take Abooza if you also drink alcohol. Abooza is not for everyone.

“For a confident life, take Abooza.”

James put the script down and smiled. “I think we’re delivering for the client.”

“I hope so, I just took a fistful,” said the woman.

“Do you need confidence?” he asked as he turned and bumped his nose to hers.

“Gah, gah,” she said.

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