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On a recent trip to Manhattan, I noticed city signs warning violators of hefty fines for engaging in prohibited activity.  The shot above is from an area in the Lower East Side (Chelsea) where you can be hit with a $2,000 penalty for idling your car for more than three minutes. Hey, any longer than that and the car would be stolen. And I assume bikes are exempt as one was chained to the sign.

Actually, this idling law has been around 35 years or so as an effort to combat city air pollution. It’s a good , common sense law that isn’t enforced.

In Vermont this year a new law states you can’t idle more than five minutes (three minutes in Burlington), but unlike the big Apple, the penalty  for the first offense is a slap-on-the-wrist $10. It probably costs more than $10 to issue a ticket , collect the money and deposit it the correct fund.

Another good one was $350 for honking your horn, also in Chelsea. The city could rake in millions if this no-honk zone applied to uptown cab drivers.


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