Friday Fast Fiction: The Criminology Class

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DSC_0169 - CopyDetective Grimes faced the criminology class. “Two actors will now play a scene from the shovel murder case. The taller one is Joe and the other is Art.”

Two men in orange vests carrying shovels walked into the classroom. Joe said, “If I die on the job, my wife gets $250,000.”

Art replied, “She’s a wild thing–she could really party hard with that.”

Joe held up a shovel. “Want your faced rearranged?”

“You don’t have the balls.”

Joe swung the shovel towards Art’s stomach. Art fell in a heap to the classroom floor. Joe yelled, “I’ve got to get help,” and ran out.

“Okay, you can get up,” said Grimes. The actor playing Art left.

Grimes continued, “In real life Art was found dead. We initially arrested Joe when he admitted hitting Art with a shovel. But the murder weapon was wiped clean. An angered co-worker wouldn’t care about prints, Remember, Joe wasn’t wearing gloves when he swung the shovel and he said he only hit Art once in the stomach. The deceased was struck multiple times in the face. While it wasn’t right for Joe to hit Art, he didn’t deliver the fatal blows. We finally found a motive—Art’s wife was furious that he was having sex with Joe’s wife. She went to the work site to confront him–when she found him alone on the ground, unconscious, she finished him off.”


Two students yawned. Finally, a heavyset boy raised a hand. “What’s starting pay for a detective?”

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