Friday Fast Fiction: Watercolored Writer’s Block

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DSC_0259 - CopyAfter 30 years as a news reporter, Manfred went into business for himself writing remarks for politicians and business leaders who wanted to be politically correct and knowledgeable on the issues of the day.

The first few months went well until then he was hit by writer’s block. His therapist suggested he paint to spark his creative juices.

After two weeks Manfred showed several watercolors to the therapist who said the straight lines and solid colors reflected adherence to a rigid self-control that might be holding back creativity.

“You mean my painting is like a child’s?”

“No, children have a free spirit.”

Later that night Manfred sat at his kitchen table with watercolors and paper. He mixed several colors together and poured them on the paper, then tilted the paper back and forth. The end result was a collection of odd shapes and colors.

“There, I’m as free as a child,” he announced before rushing to his computer.  He stared at the blank screen for nearly an hour.

Two days later Manfred’s sister paid a visit with her two sons, ages 3 and 5. They jumped for joy when they saw the watercolor supplies on the kitchen table. Soon they attacked the paper with frenetic strokes.

Manfred turned to his sister. “Hey, I have the urge to write.”

And that’s how it started. Three days a week Manfred’s nephews would come to the house to paint while he wrote speeches in the next room.

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