Friday Fast Fiction: The Deal

DSC_0268 - CopySmithy was short on rent when he met Chuckie at the Hands Up bar. Chuckie held up a small framed watercolor of clowns.

“Hot?” asked Smithy.

“My kid did it. Show  it to this guy– get $50 even if a no sale. Deal?”


The sales target was a bald man who lived at the Royal Apartments.

“He’ll be at the entrance around 6 p.m. tomorrow after he gets off work,” said Chuckie.

Smithy figured Chuckie had robbery in mind.

The next day Smithy spotted a bald man approaching the Royal.

“Want to buy this?”

The man shook his head.

“At least look at it,” said Smithy. He held the watercolor up to the man’s face.

“No thanks.”

Later Smithy got his $50—the rent was made. Chuckie grabbed the watercolor with a gloved hand.

A few weeks later Smithy was stopped on the sidewalk by a cop with the bald man in tow.

“That’s him,” said the bald man. “He showed me the painting.”

Smithy quickly learned the watercolor was found in the bald man’s jewelry store after it had been robbed. When he tried to explain Chuckie’s connection with the painting, he was thrown in jail. Smithy had a prior for petty theft.

He glared at the detective: “Why would I leave a painting at the store?”

“A calling card of stupidity with your fingerprints on it. Where did you fence the stuff?”

Smithy quivered with anger.

Meanwhile, the bald man collected the insurance money, some of which he used to pay for Chuckie’s trip across the Atlantic.

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