Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Enveloped.”

Bee swarm in my oak tree.

This challenge took seconds for me to pick a shot that embodies “enveloped.” As a beekeeper I see honeybees swarm once or twice per year. Here is a photo of my bees when about half of them left the hive in my side yard–they flew about 20 feet to an oak tree in the front yard. They left because there were too many bees in the hive. Another local beekeeper came and swooped them from the tree into a wood box–they had a new home about 15 miles away.

3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped”

  1. I’ve read about swarming but haven’t seen a photo up close like yours. Cool!



    1. Thanks. What is really cool is that the bees are very approachable–they are huddled around the queen. However, always wear a protective suit.


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