One, Two…Quake!

DSC_1198 - CopyDSC_1207 - Copy

On Sunday evening on the Monterey Bay coastline, the air was still and temperatures unseasonably high. The pelicans were quietly watching the sunset.  I couldn’t help but think “earthquake coming.” And it did, about 10 hours later, a 4.0 shaker that triggered safety checks of underwater tunnels in San Francisco, No damage. Rest easy. I vividly remember the October 1989 quake that killed people  and brought down bridges, buildings and freeway overpasses in the Bay Area. I remember the oddity of seeing the wrecking ball on an unoccupied crane swing like a pendulum clock outside of the office I was working in–some 90 miles from the epicenter. Then the building began to shake. Rest easy. The weather isn’t right these days…

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