DSC_1441 (2)Chuck took extra time getting ready for work. He wanted to look good for the new boss. He didn’t know much about him, but was told that Marty Kettleman had a sense of humor.

There were 27 employees in his unit on the third floor. At exactly 10 a.m. they gathered in a large conference room where they stood buzzing with anticipation over meeting  the man who had the power to increase or end their compensation

“Chuck, you look like a realtor.”

Chuck was stunned by Manny’s observation.

“Hey, I like that blazer,” said Mary “It matches your eyes—very nice.”

Chuck was calm again. Maybe I should have gone with dull colors—that’s how I usually dress.  

            Suddenly, the room went still. The boss had entered with Mr. Johns, the vice-president, at his side.

“Everybody,” said Johns. “This is Marty Kettleman, our new leader.” The room was filled with gentle applause.

Chuck’s blood pressure spiked. Kettleman was wearing his colors– blue blazer, yellow tie, green slacks and a grey shirt. Mary poked him in the ribs

            A minute later Kettleman stood in front of Chuck. “ My word, we have two realtors in the house,” laughed the new boss. Everyone else joined in on the joke.

“Let’s see, you’re…” Kettleman leaned back to let Johns whisper in his ear. “Yes, you’re Chuck in accounting.” “Where’d you get that blazer?”

“Shore’s on sale.”

“Well, I want to know if I paid too much. What did it cost you?”


Kettleman held out his hand which Chuck shook

“That’s what I like, an accountant who goes after a good deal,” said Kettleman. “We’ll be talking later.”

After the meeting Manny cornered Chuck.

“Hey, I looked at that jacket myself—it was $107,” said Manny.

“I don’t thinks so,” replied Chuck before he turned away.

The next day Kettleman stopped Chuck in the hallway.

“Chuck, I paid $107 for the jacket—how did you get it for $87?”

“My brother owns the store.”

“Good to know next time I’m there.”

Chuck walked away wondering what he would say to get out of this latest fabrication.    

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