green moth.2

For decades “Iron Butterfly” was my favorite rock band name. I saw the group live once and made a tape of their signature piece, “Ina Gadda Da Vida,” without any of the singing(?)—just the organ and Ron Bushy on drums.  Hey, I was young. Now that I’ve reached the age of wisdom and gray hair, I don’t have favorite rock groups or songs, just memories. Well, this blabber in my brain was released yesterday morning when I spotted a greet moth (White-Fringed Emerald) resting permanently on an iron flange that is part of our outdoor house light. I was changing the bulb when I saw the insect and, at that moment, thought “Iron Butterfly…almost.” This flashback is a tribute to those who came up with a name that has  stuck with me for nearly 50 years.

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