Friday Fast Fiction: The Doorbell Dream

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DoorbellHe’s never wanted the doorbell to ring more than at this very moment. He tries to recall why it ended. Hadn’t they been perfect together?

She hasn’t been in the house in six months. He wants to believe she will return tonight, that they will start over again. He is in a chair about ten feet from the front door. The light is dim–he can barely make out the brass knob. In a dream the bell  rings and he ponders why on this night he is thinking about this dream while he is awake. She told him to leave dreams alone—they were wasting his life.

He misses her. He’s never replayed their last night together and fights it off now, afraid that remembering will prevent the doorbell from ringing.

He stands up to create a distraction. Next he paces around the chair. The wood floor creaks and he stops. Did the doorbell ring?

He rushes to the door, grabs the knob and freezes. He shuts his eyes and pictures her smile. She is so beautiful. He opens it.

“Large pepperoni.”

The young face in the harsh yellow light appears ghoulish to him.

“I didn’t order a pizza.”

“Someone called it in at this address and paid for it over the phone.”


“Hold this for a sec,” says the young man, handing him the pizza box. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a crumpled piece of paper.

“Gina, and I guess she wants you to call…says you know the number.”

He returns to the chair and waits for the doorbell to ring again and when it does, he grabs the arms of the chair and trembles. The pizza box falls to the floor with the blank piece of paper and the dream starts all over again.


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