Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering




As a beekeeper this challenge was an easy one. My bees are always “gathering” for social/work reasons. An extreme gathering is called a “swarm”–that’s when there are two queens in the main hive and one of them leaves, taking with her thousands of other bees to another location, in this case, an oak tree about 30-feet from their former home. Several beekeeping friends estimated that this swarm involved about 15,000 bees.


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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

    1. Swarming is a miracle act. Buried in the center of that swarm is the queen bee who is surrounded by bees that will give up their lives to protect her. Translated: if you disturb the swarm, expect consequences. I use a 200 mm lens and keep about five feet away.

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    1. Thank you. My rules are simple. The bees are in charge. Avoid sudden movements, making loud noises and wearing dark colors(bees will think you’re a raccoon). I wear a white beekeeper’s suit when I take close-up photos of swarms.

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      1. I have only ever seen a swarm in africa when I was very young… it amazes me how many can fit into a single hive that is so small in comparison – they are incredible creatures. Credit where credit is due the photos are still very impressive even though you know your subject – amazing! Thanks for sharing… hope you get an opportunity to check ours out also…


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