Soberanes Canyon Trail

It takes 2,000 steps (thanks Fitbit) to go from roadside parking to a spectacular grove of old growth redwood via the Soberanes Canyon Trail. Along the way you’ll pass cacti growing on hillsides and a valley of thick underbrush.

Soberanes trail.6old growth redwood.2soberanes trail.2

soberanes trail.7

Here are some sights along Soberanes Canyon Trail in the northern portion of Big Sur.  Note: those are someone’s car keys hanging on the entrance sign for the trail–they’ve been there for a few days.

3 thoughts on “Soberanes Canyon Trail

    • I average just over 10,000, although most days are over 12,000. My challenge is that one day per week where I’m driving a great deal and have little time to walk–it’s an excuse, I know. I have to push myself on these driving days–the Fitbit helps.

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