crows or ravens
ravens or crows?

I was on the seventh floor of an office building yesterday,  staring at a computer monitor, when a co-worker spotted two large black birds on the branches of a redwood right outside the window. “Ravens” she said.  Or, were they crows? I thought it would be easy to distinguish between the two, but it wasn’t.

According to various bird guides, ravens are shinier and larger than crows and these two birds fit that description. But it is uncommon to see them in a city setting. The guides says that people often mistake big crows for ravens. But crows travel in large groups whereas ravens are often couples like these two. They telling point is that the tail feathers of ravens are longer than that of crows, giving them a pointed rather than a rounded look as is the case with crows.

I had to shoot through a thick glass window which cut down on sharpness, but I don’t think a clearer picture would have solved the mystery.

What do you think? I’m uncertain..


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