” Winchester ” Honey Bees

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winchester bees2

The Winchester Mystery House is a tourist attraction in San Jose California. After seeing bumper stickers for decades promoting this oddly designed structure, we took a tour of this  Victorian house with steps that go nowhere and doors that open to blank walls. Supposedly, the owner, Sarah Winchester, spouse of a descendant of the family that produced the Winchester repeating rifle, believed she had to keeping adding on to the house to drive away evil spirits that had cursed the Winchesters for manufacturing a weapon that killed people. Around the clock construction covered 38 years and led to 160 rooms with 10,000 windows and 2,000 doors. Building stopped when Sarah passed away in September of 1922.

Outside the house there are gardens and it is here were we saw honey bees flocking to a yellow flower I’d never seen before. Anne took this shot of a Mystic Illusion Dahlia with her cell phone. I don’t recall ever seeing two bees side by side in a flower before, but here they are outside of the Winchester Mystery House. I will have to put some of these flowers by our hives.

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