How I See Tomorrow’s Election

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I see tomorrow’s election through the perspectives of veterans, especially the rank and file troops who sustained the bulk of injuries and horrors that go with war.

Trump and I were the same age in 1969, separated by 25 geographic miles and wealth—I had none. I was drafted and served in the Army for two years. Trump had one of those doctor notes that gave him a free pass.

Of all the powers given to the President, keeping us out of needless wars is the most important. Wars kill innocent people and drain our financial resources.

This brings me to a very odd memory of a high school football game I played in back in 1962. Both teams were undefeated. The coach got us ramped up. We were on defense on the opening kickoff. The most important moment was to make that first tackle, hard. The poor guy who caught the ball ended up in a heap. I went wild until the coach yelled at us to take a knee. A player was hurt—he was eventually carried off on a stretcher.

This kickoff mania reminds me of Trump telling his supporters that on Day One ISIS would be gone.  The yelling and cheering blurred that reality that war isn’t a light switch to be turned on when you want to win.

Trump is unfit to lead. He needs to take a knee and reflect on the sanctity of life.

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