I went to check bee activity in our front yard yesterday when I spotted five quail chicks in an eating frenzy in and around the nasturtiums. Two weeks ago there were 13 chicks, so small you could hold three in the palm of your hand. But now the five chicks remaining can fly short distances and they’ll soon be on their own (mom and dad are still present, acting as guards).

Mom keeps watch

Chicks have to survive attacks from cats, snakes and hawks as well as from motorists–it seems that quail are always crossing the road. But I’m happy for the five that have survived.

Four of the five surviving chicks–not how they blend in with the surroundings.

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My labels: grandfather, father, veteran, writer, poet, photographer and dreamer in pursuit of the meaning of life. Getting close, although I'm running out of time--probably why I'm so close.

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