Monday’s Path: The TSE



A practice eclipse photo taken yesterday.

Today a 67 mile wide path of daytime darkness–a total solar eclipse– will cut across the United States. I’ll be in California, south of the path, and will only get a 78 percent eclipse–my sister in Southern Illinois will get the full package, in fact, she’ll have more darkness time-wise than in any other part of the country.

I have several nearby friends who have driven hundreds of miles to get a better view of an event that hasn’t happened since 1918. To clarify, the last total solar eclipse to travel across the entire country was 99 years ago. I witnessed one in 1979 that could only be seen in a northwest area of the United States. It was a memorable moment, enough so that 78 percent today will suffice.

I practiced taking TSE shots yesterday. Don’t expect I’ll do that well today, but I will be out there with my tripod in the middle of a field, hoping to get a partial without ruining my camera or my eyesight.

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