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I was walking on Carmel Beach with my camera by my side  this week when I spotted two pelicans about 50-feet overhead. The usual scenario is that by the time I get my camera and put it into sports mode, the birds are too far gone, or  the auto focus on my Nikon 5100 goes in and out of sharpness because the pelicans, shrinking in my viewfinder, are moving too fast. I could have switched to manual focus, but I’ve already delayed too long and I don’t want another unexciting shot from the rear. But this wasn’t a usual day. I had one push and took it.. The camera worked as designed. I think the underside of a pelican’s wings provided enough area for the auto focus to work.The sunlight was also perfectly placed Or, maybe I was simply lucky.

I know what you’re thinking. This dude is on the beach dealing with a camera and pelicans while the world is falling apart. Some people use liquor, or extreme anger to find balance in their lives. I prefer the beach. And when I’m done walking, I’m a better person for it. Not guilty of guilt, your honor.


2 Replies to “The Pelican Brief…”

  1. Interestingly Steffan there was just a respected medical study published that syou hows the beach has restorative powers far beyond previously thought. So good for you for finding the right place to recharge your batteries! And your pelicans are terrific. I have decided I will no longer tolerate bird butt and only shoot if I can get them from the front or side LOL!!

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