Hand-Held Full Moon Antics

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DSC_0302 - Copy

We were almost home from walking the dogs last night when we saw the full moon rising over the tree tops. I calculated the time it would take to put the dogs away, get my tripod and shoot. Too long, besides, I was tired. Three minutes passed. The moon was now over my neighbor’s house and soon to lose the orange glow that make rising moons special. With the dogs inside, I ran to a high point in the house, and set the camera on manual focus, shutter mode, held my breath, and clicked. Yes, I didn’t use the self-timer. I didn’t check the shutter speed.  One click and done.

The top shot was the the hand-held moon, the photo below it was from a past full moon where I used a tripod, self-timer,etc. Afterwards I realized my camera in manual mode was still set up internally for the total solar eclipse shot I took several weeks ago, that is, ISO of 800 with shutter speed of 1/4000 sec. The bottom tripod shot was 1/10 sec. with the factory set 100 ISO. Both shots were 5.6. I have to reset the ISO, but in this one case, forgetting to lower the film speed helped me get a focused, hand-held shot, although it turned the sky black. More than you need to know, but enough for me to realize how much I don’t know. Sounds deep? No, I need to take a photography course.

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