Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorite

DSC_0657 - Copy.JPGMy favorite photo for 2017 triggers a pleasant memory and, I believe, that’s a great reason to like a photo. This past summer I visited my  sister in Southern Illinois where we hiked through state and national parks. One of our last walks was in the Shawnee National Forest on a trail that meandered  downhill through thick woods. At the bottom we were confronted with a dry river bed and one butterfly, an eastern comma. It was a great photo opp, set up nicely by a fallen leaf and river rocks.via Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites


5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorite”

  1. Sorry, seems like I had Wifi problems. Now the photo comes up and it looks great!
    Happy Holidays to you, Steffen!


    1. Dina: Glad you saw the photo. And best of the Holidays to you.

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  2. Rich,

    I am a glad that your favorite photo of the year was taken in Southern Illinois. Your commentary made me smile.

    I look forward to another time together.


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  3. A great reason for a photo to be a favourite because of the memories it evokes but your photo is also a great butterfly.

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    1. Thank you. Best of health in 2018!

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