Patience for a New Year…

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DSC_0001 - Copy.JPGThe fireworks are gray ash in the gutter. The morning light is bright, the air is cold and crisp. I sound like a menu writer. Yes, the first hours of 2018 have passed and once again I’ve made some resolutions I won’t keep. I will continue to laugh at myself, a resolution I’ve always kept. And I do have a good feeling about this year, although I haven’t seen the news today. The dissension in this country has turned bystanders into activists who realize we have a president who is unstable, childish and a pathological liar; that sexual harassment is pervasive and cannot be tolerated, and that we must have an inclusive society to flourish.  No one can afford to sit back and watch without paying the consequences of indifference. I took this photo a few minutes ago. It’s winter. The branches will fill with leaves and birds. Patience. A good change is coming…if we work at it together.

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