The Mystery of a Dying Butterfly

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March 23, 2018
butterfly dying
August 4, 2015

In August, 2015 I posted a photo of a butterfly, a common buckeye (I think),  dying by our front gate. Yesterday, a buckeye was dying almost in the same spot. It is believed that the final moments of a butterfly’s life signifies a time of rebirth, although you can find any reason to fit your mood on the internet.

What is extraordinary is that two butterflies would pick the same location to show their beauty to the world for the last time. This insect has a life span of about one month,so they are constantly leaving us with replacements already in place. Yet, I’ve never witnessed these final moments except at our front entrance. To me, they like the aura of  our bee-friendly place.

Now this post could be a segue for a discussion of how we view death. We often greet with it tears, or a hands-off attitude–don’t discuss it. Our society as a whole has been numb to gun violence until recently. Protests are planned for today across the country. Young people, in particular, want lives lost needlessly to a bullet, to count for something, to lead to a change,although the envisioned objectives are less clear than the pain of losing lives. I fired an M-16 in the Army–no civilian needs an assault weapon like that to hunt, or for self-defense. When you spray bullets in mere seconds, you lose an identity with each shell, other than to kill randomly. Frankly, the dying beauty of a butterfly has a great deal to cover up…


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2 thoughts on “The Mystery of a Dying Butterfly

  1. This is an especially beautiful, poignant way to express the simple beauty of death in nature and compare it to the needless and mindless way (some) humans take death into their own hands. Thank you.


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