Waiting for the Painted Lady


I took this shot of a painted lady  in my backyard 13 months ago. The lady’s numbers were prolific. This season I’ve seen one from a distance, but no others. I need to be patient to wait for “her” return. But with climate change and its ensuing wildfires, floods and extreme temps, I wonder if the demise has begun here at home. The Sunday NYT magazine yesterday was devoted to the human destruction of our planet. It’s not patience, but anger that’s at play now. We did it to ourselves. DSC_0482 - Copy

2 responses to “Waiting for the Painted Lady”

  1. Sometimes i cry about we humans have done (and are still doing) to this planet.
    Wonderful Painted Lady. Sometimes they land on our hands here in our yard, they are so friendly! 🙂

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  2. I hope to see more of them over the next two months.


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