Signs of Another Political Season

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Leaves are getting stuck on baseball backstops, a sign that fall is coming and that on the local level football will be taking over as a sports activity. Major League Baseball smartly calls the World Series, the Fall Classic, to stress that the game’s brightest moments take place when leaves are in full color despite weekend pigskin hysteria.

There is also political hysteria in the works. President Trump has dared NFL owners to fire players who don’t stand for the National Anthem. His child-like mind treats the world like a reality TV show.  He relishes issues that divide our nation as well as issues that are easy to understand: stand or kneel. In football and soccer players take a knee when a serious player injury occurs. Players who take a knee during the National Anthem are symbolically showing that our social justice system is hurting. The NFL has taken a coward’s backdoor approach by advising those who might kneel to stay in the locker room during the Anthem. But football is a “combat”team sport–you stick with your team at high and low points. Kneel if you want, but kneel out in the open.

These were the thoughts I had when I saw this stranded leaf. Yes, I do have a wandering mind.

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