The Cabbage White, Always…

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The cabbage white is the most common butterfly in the world and in our backyard. Took this shot yesterday in the wind. Used sports mode. As I marvel at the butterfly captures of other photographers, I note how the setting, especially the flower, is so important to a dramatic shot. These yellow flowers, grown from seeds tossed three years ago, provide a great background, although on windy days the long thin stems rock and roll, making a sharp focus on the petals a challenge. Nice problem to have.

2 Replies to “The Cabbage White, Always…”

  1. Thank you. I use either a 200mm or a 300mm lens. Most of my shots are in my backyard where the flowers are in a raised bed–about two feet above ground. Consequently, I am not shooting at a tilt, and usually taking a clear shot. When I shoot in the woods, I am fighting obstructions all the time.

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