These flowers flourish next to each other despite their size difference. I could launch into a tirade about how humans are pounded with marketing that reinforces the urge to have a bigger car, a bigger house, etc., but I won’t. I’m maxed out on anger over the fear mongering that goes on in this country. I’m fed up with the politics of the day. Yesterday we were driving behind a giant pickup truck. Without warning food wrappers flew out of the truck’s driver’s window. Littering is unacceptable from anyone. So, another a-hole needs a life lesson. In the scheme of things, littering is far down on the list of what’s wrong with people. I fumed a little as the truck turned off the freeway. I remember the years when people wore flowers in their hair and flashed the peace sign. I remember the last time I was in a car when someone threw trash out of the window–I stopped the car and told them to get out. Peace. 

4 responses to “Peace”

  1. When i walk our dog along the road, it is disheartening to see tossed, empty beer cans.

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    1. We haven’t progress much as inhabitants of Earth. I imagine if I confronted a stranger about not littering after he dumped his garbage in a park, I might get shot. It’s terrible to think that way but ignorance is violence’s best friend.


  2. I completely understand. We have that too. But I think for every person who throws trash out the window, there are at least 10 who will pick it up. You, my husband, me….

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