Sea Foam

Turbulent ocean waters deposited large amounts of sea foam yesterday on Carmel River State Beach. That’s the easy part–harder, at least for me– is explaining how sea foam is formed. I could cut and paste from Wikipedia, but I’d rather wing it with my version. Dissolved organic matter in the ocean can become a foaming agent when seawater is agitated by breaking waves. Or, the ocean is a giant washing machine with many additives, some that foam like detergent when agitated. Whatever, the waves were fast and furious, hence, the beach was covered with foam. The largest waves of the year are expected January 20 and 21 and, I assume, sea foam will be everywhere.

2 responses to “Sea Foam”

  1. Love the way it all glistens against the sun. Very picturesque! Soooo much nicer than the smelly sea weed that would wash up on the shore each day in the Dominican. Morning walks on the beach involved dodging the guys raking it up. Sometimes bulldozers were involved. YIKES!

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    1. Yes, we have natural bulldozers at this beach.


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