Inside Story On Split Trees

A recent storm split this tree near downtown Carmel.

We are bracing for heavy rains on Tuesday after a week break in the weather. The last series of storms felled trees throughout Monterey County. Here is a close-up of a cypress split near its base near downtown Carmel.

It is ironic that in many cases the loss of a tree along the coast improves views of the ocean for certain homeowners. It is a false gain. The cypress, like the “Lone Cypress,” in Pebble Beach, is famous for how it grows on the edge of cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. But the loss of a coastal tree contributes to soil erosion and landslides as the ocean slowly marches inland. Those”lucky” homeowners are eventually going to have sea waters lapping at the front steps if global warming…

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2 thoughts on “Inside Story On Split Trees

  1. The horror of climate is happening faster than anticipated by the experts, according to the experts. Time to panic. The proliferation of truck ads on TV is disheartening.


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