Slice of Life in 60 Seconds: “The Night Job”

Celeste, eyes closed, pressed the telephone receiver tightly to her ear. Her mind drifted with thoughts of a man she’d met three days ago at a coffee shop. He made her smile and when he said he sometimes worked nights and would call her soon, she secretly hoped he would. The voice on the other end grew louder. “Are you okay? Say something!”

“Sorry, I was …”



“Thinking? Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m going to stay home tonight and listen to ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ and cry, not necessarily in that order.”


“You ask a lot of question, Jane.”

“Are you high?”

“Jeezus Jane, get a grip. And I wish I were.”

“High? “Don’t worry, you aren’t.”

Celeste hung up, but immediately regretted doing that—she’d been in a sour mood since breaking up with a long-time boyfriend. She wanted the new guy to call her. She didn’t mean to take her disappointment out on a friend, even one who was dense at times. When she  called Jane back and got no answer, she grabbed the car keys and charged out into the summer evening.  A few minutes later she was humming down the freeway at 75 m.p.h.; and a few minutes after that a red light was in her rear view mirror.

“Do you know how fast you were going, ma’m?”

Celeste blinked at the officer. “Archie?”

“I told you I sometimes work nights.”


“Slice of Life in 60 Seconds” appears Wednesdays

2 responses to “Slice of Life in 60 Seconds: “The Night Job””

  1. Really clever! Loved it.


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    1. Thanks. I enjoy writing it.


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