Slice of Life in 60 Seconds: Chet and the Beach Dog

            Although Chet was down on his luck, he had a boundless positive outlook on life that endeared him to his co-workers when, of course, there were co-workers. He’d been out of a job for six months. Expenses were hard to meet. Mounting debt was on his mind when he chose to go to the beach to think things over. It was barely 10 a.m. when he put down a towel and took his position in the sand.

            Before he started the task of figuring out an escape debt plan, he watched people walk along the edge of the surf. His first customer was a man who looked like a CEO with closely cropped gray hair, erect posture and an expensive looking Hawaiian shirt, rare for a California beach. Running wildly ahead of the CEO was a dog by the name of “Alvin,” based on the shouted commands the dog wasn’t obeying.

            The CEO stopped in front of Chet. “Got any ideas?”

            Chet stood up and put his fingers to his mouth. The shrill whistling sound stopped Alvin in his tracks. A few seconds later the dog was licking his hand.

            “How did you do that? I’d pay a ransom to get Alvin to respond like that.”

            Chet liked the sound of “ransom,” so he told the CEO he worked part-time as a dog trainer.

            The CEO agreed to his terms, a deal sealed with $20.

            Chet walked home with a skip to his step, wondering why the dog had responded to his whistle. He had 24 hours to figure out an answer.  Looks like I’ll be on the internet tonight.


                     “Slice of Life in 60 Seconds” appears every Wednesday.

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