Alleyways and Bike Lanes

Sacramento bike lane uses parked cars to protect cyclists from downtown traffic.

Downtown Sacramento has alleyways cutting behind buildings. This alley is a half-a-block from a “barricaded” bike lane.

Sacramento has long had alleyways cutting behind buildings in the downtown area. The city planners added bike lanes on one-way “Q” and “P” streets last year. These aren’t the typical narrow lanes painted on the side of a street, rather the biker rider is protected by the sidewalk on one side and parked cars on the other. Steel poles prevent cars from parking in any portion of the bike lane.

So, this one city street has been narrowed for cars while allowing cyclists to speed through a congested area safely with parked cars serving as barrier. Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland are other California cities that have set up these special bike lanes.

I took these photos at 3:30 p.m. when all the bike riders were at work(?).

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