Three Lucky Days

From ages 3 to 73 we hiked along the trails at Garrapata State Park on a blue sky day.

We planned the family reunion a year in advance–three days in June along California’s rugged and spectacular coastline from the tip of Big Sur to Carmel. Everyone showed up from four states. The only gamble in advance was the weather. Would the marine layer obscure the sun with winds turning the coast into a frigid zone? Nope. We were blessed with perfect conditions.

Here are some of the younger ones who made it to the mountain top overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
The Big Sur views were crystal clear.

3 responses to “Three Lucky Days”

  1. Weren’t these three days magical? It could not have been any better. Thank you!!


    1. Without question…perfect.


  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Such a beautiful place.

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