Beach Pals…

Teddy wouldn’t go near the surf for several years, but now, follows Molly into the ocean. Here she shakes off. Molly, on the other hand, likes the wet blanket look.
While Molly runs straight into the surf, Teddy will skirt along the edge for awhile before getting her paws wet.
All in…
The beach pals leave the surf side by side.

My baseline meditation state is to walk on the beach while our two dogs run with random joy all around me. My thoughts don’t get much deeper than to be thankful that I am where I am, and that’s much internal progress after two miles in the sand. However, this continuum of being thankful puts me in a good mood and that helps me “see”life around me in way that might otherwise be lost to the demons of petty distractions.

Two days ago on a beach walk I brought my camera so I could capture the joyful routine of our two rescue dogs, Molly and Teddy. They have established boundaries in their lives that separate the safe from the unsafe. Above all they are pals with each other. As I walk I get a sense that they are an extension of me and visa versa.

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  1. Sounds marvelous for both man and canines!

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