Sunday Afternoon…

I spent a warm Sunday afternoon yesterday outside in the backyard, writing and painting (watercolors). But what made the time truly relaxing was a single butterfly, a cabbage white, that spent over an hour flitting about on nearby flowers. I finally got my camera and took the above shot.

This year I’ve read more global warming articles than I’ve seen butterflies. Extreme weather continues to be nightmare for millions in this country. Meanwhile, the politics of hate is dominating the headlines. And despite all of this negativity I am able to carve out a moment of peace on a Sunday afternoon. This is the kind of moment I will miss. This afternoon isn’t meant to be a way of life, only a stopover on a journey of ups and downs. But without this time to rest and reassess, travel becomes hazardous. Peace.

4 responses to “Sunday Afternoon…”

  1. A beautiful photo and a nice article on how to relax and enjoy the peaceful times – in this unsettled world we live in. Love it!

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  2. Well put–the world is unsettled so we need to settle ourselves when possible.

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  3. I was out photographing around a lot of flowers today; not one butterfly was seen.


    1. Troubling sign. The bee population here is way down as well.


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