Slice of Life: Marc’s Lucky Day

Marc lamented that he’d never had a lucky day. His life was a boring grind, topped off by living with a domineering mother who expected him home by six p.m. after work.

One day Marc stopped at a small bar close to their apartment — eventually this end-of-the-workday stop became a routine, usually making him an hour late getting home. His mother was livid at first, but calmed down quickly after Marc lied by saying, “I’m going for a pay raise.” She relished the idea of spending any extra money her son might earn.

Every afternoon the bar owner made homemade soup and bread. The bar filled with an aroma Marc could not resist and soon he was coming home 90 minutes late. Then the owner hired a new waitress, Liz, who gave him a big smile and yet another reason to return to the apartment late. 

One rainy evening Marc was flirting with Liz and completely lost track of the time. Later at home his mother screamed at him, calling him a “drunk.” Marc blurted out that he was getting married to a waitress. The room went silent. Of course, this was another lie.

The next day Marc’s boss told him, “You’ve been a new man these past few weeks. Your sales are up–I’ll be adding something to your pay.” Marc was in such a state of jubilation that after work he asked Liz to marry him. To his surprise, she accepted.

When he got home, his mother announced she was moving in with his brother.

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